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AvantSlot Lighting kit (10903)

AvantSlot Lighting kit (10903)


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[Installation precautions]

This product is a kit that includes the board, LED, and power wiring.
Please install it on the slot car yourself.

AvantSlot is an LED bulb type rather than a chip type.
Since the size is large, you will need to think carefully about where to install it,
This makes workability easier.

In particular, the area around the front headlight is subject to interference with the guide and front tire.
please note.

1. Installing the front light The LED (white) with grey and yellow wiring is for the front.
Please refer to the wiring diagram and solder to the yellow and grey locations.
In the case of additional installation, they will be installed in the same place.

2. Installing the rear lights Just like the front lights, the front lights are red LEDs with red and white wiring.
The installation and expansion procedures are the same.

In addition, the rear wheels store electricity in a capacitor inside the board during normal driving.
When it stops (i.e. the flow of electricity stops), the electricity in the capacitor is released and the light becomes brighter.

3. Check the polarity of the motor wiring (red to +, black to -) before soldering the motor to the circuit board.



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