Datsun 510 Datsun 510

(It was announced last summer) Some details about the Datsun 510 from have now been released.

The release is scheduled for Q3-Q4 2024 (fall to winter 2024).
The livery (color) will be different from the RevoSlot, which is also releasing the Datsun 510.

The category is also something that has never been done before (it will be called "Trans Am").
What concerns me is the size.
So, since there's still a little bit of time until the release, let's have some fun comparing the different sizes based on the size data sheet.

(The gear ratio is a sidewinder (anglewinder) - that's just a cute touch (lol))

First of all, the original is inline (DTM mount 0.5mm offset).
It is a short can motor, but it can be converted to a long can by replacing the motor mount.
(Only FLAT6?)

And other layouts (Sidewinder and Anglewinder) cannot be changed.
The current layout is reminiscent of a classic DTM/touring car.

And in terms of size, it is compared to the RevoSlot (the RevoSlot was measured using a model I had on hand, so the measurements are just for reference): RevoSlot
full length 132.5 127
Height 42 39
Wheelbase 79 75
tread 55 52
weight 67g 81.5g

All lengths are in mm
Wheelbase is the distance between the rear tire and the guide
Tread is the distance between tires

The RevoSlot is heavy due to its metal chassis,
Other than that, the RevoSlot feels about one size smaller.

And if we compare it on the same

Datsun 510 Ferrari 512M NISSAN Skyline GT-R(R32)
full length 127 138.5 141.5
Height 42 32 40
Wheelbase 79 93.5 95.5
tread 55 61.5 58
weight 67 66.4 72

(From the catalogue)

The overall length is smaller than the smallest classic (Alfa Romeo 33/3) to date.
This is the smallest model, narrower than the narrowest classic DTM.

Also, the overall height is higher than models of this size, so maneuvering may be a little difficult (?

The tires are also a new size (PT1128) (similar to those used on the Ford GT40, etc.). is a model with stable running performance, so how will it perform with a model of this size?
I'm curious.

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